Elephone R9 vs. iPhone 6 Plus – screen-to-body ratio comparison

Yesterday’s info about the upcoming Elephone R9 thickness revealed that even though with 7.55 mm it’s not exactly for the Guiness Book of Records, but still it can aspire for a position of some slim mannequin in a fashion show. And today we can some more information about the sliom R9 concerning the popular screen-to-body ratio. Of course it’s done via comparison with the chinese favourite iPhone 6 Plus.

Both Elephone E9 and iPhone 6 plus have the 5,5-inch screens so at least we are not comparing apples and oranges, pun intended. Looking at the dimensions iPhone measurements are 158.1 x 77,8 mm, while Elephone R9 has 149,6 x 73 mm. Using simple math we can quickly find out that the screen-to-body ratio is 76,48 % for Elephone R9 and only 67,9 % for the iPhone 6 Plus. So yay, win for the chinese champion at least in this challenge.


The comparison pictures are indeed supporting the math, because the Elephone R9 really looks more sublime and the screen looks to occuppy bigger space on the body compared to the iPhone.


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