Chuwi HiBook Pro looks good compared to the new Lenovo Yoga Book

Chuwi HiBook Pro

With the new Lenovo Yoga Book convertible showcased at the IFA 2016 in Berlin the famous chinese tablet manufacturers Chuwi decided it’s time for the counterattack with a comparison of their Chuwi HiBook Pro to the new Yoga.

Everything is clearly summed up in the comparison table below, so it’s obvious that on many fronts those two devices can stand head to head pretty easily. But for the sake of objectivity we have to point out some obvious not-so-easy to compare features.


While the display battle goes in favour of the Hibook Pro with the high resolution compared to the Yoga’s FHD, the processor goes exactly the other way around, because HiBook pro sticks only with the budget Z8300. Memory capacities on paper are a wash, same goes for the battery. Big advantage for the Hibook Pro comes with the dualboot system, because with Yoga you have to choose (and with the Win version pay quite some extra money).

But some things can be misleading. For starters you cant compare the dimensions and weight of the devices, because Yoga at default has already the revolutionary touch keyboard dock integrated, while the base Chuwi is just a tablet. So add the dock and both dimensions and weight will quickly go the other way. Also the battery capacities while looking similar on paper will be a bit different in the real usage, given Lenovo’s extensive experience in the matter with older devices.


But what stands true is the huge price gap between the devices and it can get even bigger, because the $499 for Yoga can probably rise even higher with the Win10 version (allegedly to $599). And these days it’s quite possible to find deals offering the Chuwi HiBook for about $200 + $40 for the dock. So price war has an obvious winner.

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What do you think ? Is it worth paying more than double or staying with the cheaper Chuwi’s workhorse ? Let us know in the comments.

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