Xiaomi Max blows up while charging

Xiaomi Max blows up while charging

xiaomi max fire

Xiaomi have had their fair share of exploding phones this year but this is the first Max to go boom.

We’re not sure what happened in this case, perhaps Xiaomi just felt left out after the Samsung fire issues, but something happened to make the large screen Xiaomi Max explode while on charge.

The explosion occurred on the 5th of this month in China in a city near Xian. The owner, a Ms. Mao, had the Xiaomi Max on charge where it eventually burst in to flames causing damage to her apartment wall.

xiaomi max fire

In the past similar fires and explosions had been reported with other Xiaomi devices, but they have al (so far) had the issues blamed on the use of an unofficial charger. We’re not sure if this is the case with Ms. Mao and the Xiaomi Max but we’re sure Xiaomi will have something to say about the matter soon.

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  • Kamui

    This is a nuclear bomb in my opinion

    • Muhammad Yasir

      indeed … that is a very wide explosion radius

      is someone doing a fake stunt ?

  • Assefa Hanson

    LOL oh boy every phone is going to explode now? must be a new standard of quick charge why charge your phone only when you can quickly charge the particles in the atmosphere around it? truly MAX indeed

  • xi7
  • Ibrahim Bahakim

    That’s weird. I had the 64GB 3GB version for over 2-3 months “not sure exactly” and I charged it a lot without any problem.
    Now I am scared for charging it.. 🙁

    • Muhammad Yasir

      Xiaomi Max , now going BOOM! near you at any reseller

      get it while stocks last 😀 !

      • Ibrahim Bahakim

        Damn you lol
        I am super scared T_T
        From the day I read this artical I have not charged it yet. 🙁

        • Muhammad Yasir

          lol …

          but to be honest i don’t see any problems with the phone. that explosion portrayed in the article looks ‘overdone’ , if you get what i mean

  • Yeti hand

    any proof??

  • ali201401

    It’s charge without Xiaomi power strip.
    No warranty case.

  • Karly Johnston

    Xiaomi buys lower bin batteries.

  • Rick

    You wanted a fast charging? It comes with a price:)

    • yoloswagzoor

      mi max is shipped with simple 2a 5v charger, not with a quickcharge charger.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    publicity much ?

  • Wolvie

    Actually you can give this smartphone as a birthday present to someone you hate (A LOT) LOL

    Anyway now almost every smartphones ,including the expensive premium one like iphone and samsung also blown up. Kind of trend already, no wonder china vendor also follow to copy LFMAO

  • Hiwyx

    Lot of wall chargers in China are very very low quality. I can’t imagine some fast charge with this kind of charger. I guess we will hear more and more about battery explosions in the near future.