Chuwi iLife X5 review

ILife X5 is a smart gadget from the chinese company Chuwi and it’s a pretty nifty addition to your home devices. It’s a robotic vacuum cleaner capable of doing the annoying house chores like mopping and vacuuming the floors for you. But first of all we would like to thank the Gearbest e-shop for supplying the sample for our review.

This robotic vacuum cleaner can handle two roles simultaneously, it can not only mop the floor, but it can also vacuum, which is not automatic at some products from the competition. So let’s take a look at the iLife X5 in detail.

The robot has a circular shape with 300 mm diameter and 70 mm thickness. It’s equipped with two brushes visible from the front and those brushes are directing the dirt into the suction entry. This model doesn’t have a motorized rotational brush so it’s mainly suitable for tile, hardwood or lino floors.

There are 4 cleaning modes available, 1/ automatic, 2/ edge and corner cleaning 3/scheduled cleaning and 4/ mopping. All of these functions are easily accessible via four buttons on top of the robot, so it’s easy to control.

The robot is powered by 19-watt engine and you can set the suction power either to 550 or 850 Pa. It’s also pretty quiet with only 40 dB of noise. You can control the robot’s movements with the supplied remote control, but you need to realize that the basic turning angle of it is 45 degrees so for example to fully turn right you need to press the button twice.

Battery capacity of 2600 mAh should be enough to power the gadget for roughly 90 minutes of vacuuming/mopping in the full suction mode. Recharging to 100 % takes about five hours. The robot will return by himself to the docking charging station when the battery is close to depleted or you can send him there of course manually using the remote controller.

Regarding the inside features you can find two 300 ml boxes for the collection of the dust and debris and you can exchange those based on the desired function. If you need just vacuuming then you use the dust container box and for the mopping you plug in the water tank box with the separate water compartment for wetting the mopping rug on the bottom of the robot. The robot can recognize automatically the desired mode based on the inserted type of the box. Both have HEPA filters, which are easily washable.

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As mentioned before the packaging comes with the remote controller including the batteries and also the virtual wall, also included with batteries. And what’s this virtual wall? It’s a transmitter communicating with the robot, so you can place it for example at the terrace entrance so the robot wouldn’t run away to the garden. It reacts to the transmitter and the signal as a wall so it turns back.

Pros :

  • Not very noisy – low setting only produces 40 dB
  • Has dual functionality – it can both vacuum and mop
  • Low profile allows it to fit under a lot of furniture (only 3.03 inches tall)
  • Equipped with HEPA filters
  • One of the cheapest robot vacuum cleaners in the market right now

Cons :

  • No motorized brush – it will not work on carpet
  • The mop will only work on relatively clean surfaces, this machine isn’t designed to clean really dirty floors
  • Small dirt catcher

Chuwi iLife X5 review – Conclusion

Robotic vacuum cleaner Chuwi iLife X5 is a great alternative to the more expensive brands like iRobot or Neato in case you have a house or flat mostly without carpeted floors. With its low profile it can easily fit under most of the furniture.

It’s a great helper for the usual daily cleaning chores, which can get easily annoying for most of us. During the cleaning it’s also very quiet and being equipped with the mopping system is a big plus, especially in the kitchen areas. You can order the Chuwi iLife X5 here for the price 129,99$ or here, where you will find more information about the Gearbest products.

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