Xiaomi Note 2 now the Xiaomi Pro?

xiaomi mi note 2 redner

A new Weibo account has been created by Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun, but it has a different name than we were expecting.

Chinese tech brands have been protecting their IP by creating Weibo accounts named after their latest products for a while now. Not only does it protect a product name, but it can also be cleverly used to tease an upcoming product too, resulting in news like this.

So today it has been discovered that Lei Jun has created a new Weibo account called “Xiaomi Pro”. This is rather interesting as the only upcoming device that could be labeled a ‘Pro’ phone is the Xiaomi Note 2, so then perhaps it has had a name change?

Xiaomi haven’t themselves released any details of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2/Xiaomi Pro, but there have been plenty of news reports attempting to fill in the blanks.

All of the reports we have seen though have a common theme, that being the new flagship Xiaomi phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 821 chipset, receive up to 6GB RAM, could have a curved screen and a flat screen option, boast a 3D touch display, and may even have dual rear cameras.


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