UMI Plus proudly shows off the PDAF function for the main camera

The plain specifications of the new UMI Plus model are already well known and frankly they are not stepping out of the lineup so much. But the main camera in the phone is a different animal and with the 13 Mpix resolution and more importantly the PDAF support it can really shine.

PDAF stands for Phase Detection Auto Focus and first mobile phones using it dates back to Samsung Galaxy S5. Since then the function has been innovated and upgraded so the new phones are capable of faster and more precise focus even more. And because UMI Plus is sporting the SAMSUNG® S5K3L8 sensor we can expect the PDAF will be on a high level.

Theoretically the PDAF should help alleviate the problems of picture taking in low light and when the object is in motion, improving the sharpness and noise levels. You can find the pictures allegedly taken by the UMI Plus scattered around this article so take a look if it looks as good as it all sounds.


Aside of the 13 Mpix resolution and the PDAF support the Samsung camera is also equipped with a reasonable f/2.0 aperture, five-element lens, dual-ISP processing and dual LED flash so hopefully the picture output should be quite worthy. But of course we have to wait for the software side of things, which can often cripple even the most promising hardware. And dont forget the most important thing either, skilled hands of the actual photographer…

UMI Plus is currently still in the presale period so if you would be interested in it you can order here and the same link leads to a chance to get it for free in an UMI event competition.

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