Rawr, the next Ulefone phone is going to be named Tiger

And the train goes on, today’s message directly from Ulefone is shedding some light on the next device they are planning to release. The phone is going to be named Tiger and while it’s not anything greatly original, it has a certain ring to it so will be easy to remember at least.

For starters we have some basic specifications of the Tiger and handful of pictures for the first impressions. The phone should have a fairly standard 5,5-inch display, rear located fingerprint scanner and there seems to be a double LED flash for the camera. Speaking about the camera there seems to be some sort of “CD pattern” glare effect on the lens cover glass, looking interesting.


The full metal body will have a brushed finish so will be surely looking good and because in the world of slim obsessed phone makers the Tiger is not exactly going for that we can safely assume it will be running some above the average battery size and capacity. As for the colors it will have grey, golden and sky black version. No word about the pricing or availability so we have to wait for more info.

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