Uhans A101 shows off the 4G benefits

The recently launched Uhans A101 is not dazzling anybody with its powerful hardware, but among the budget devices it has an edge thanks to the 4G supporting chipset. Most of the phones in comparable price range are still sporting the MT6580 without a trace of the faster 4G internet networks.

For roughly 70 dollars the Uhans A101 gives you 5-inch display with HD resolution and 2.5D arc, the aforementioned quad-core MT6737 chipset with 64-bit architecture and clocked at 1,3 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB of storage, 5 Mpix main camera, 2 Mpix front selfie camera, 2450 mAh battery capacity and Android 6.0 Marshmallow as the OS.


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As you can see those are really the ultra budget specs give or take, but with at least the 4G support the phone stays competitive and especially the european customers will appreciate the full band spectrum 1/3/7/8/20. And to prove the 4G is really better than just poor old 3G we have here an official video comparing the network speeds of the Uhans A101 and some unknown MT6580 equipped device. Enjoy.

For those interested the Uhans A101 is currently available for example here.

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  1. On Dreek
    September 14, 2016

    would be a winner with at least 2 gb ram!

  2. VikontD
    September 14, 2016

    2 GB it is very good, but for $60 also these characteristics are enough.

  3. Sansa
    September 15, 2016

    On my Leeco le 2, my record is 90Mb down, 48Mb up and 15 ping.

    • Vsevlad
      September 16, 2016

      Leeco le 2 Excellent phone. I he think costs not $60. Why to compare phone of the different price? Uhans A101 excellent phone for $60.

      • Trinkle
        September 16, 2016

        And if an Uhans’ Employee tells it, you can absolutely believe it!

      • Sansa
        September 17, 2016

        Just wanted to show how much this phone could do. Nothing more 🙂

  4. Riccardo Benzoni
    September 16, 2016

    wow, they are so confident about their product they made a comparison against an unknown 3G lemon.
    when one things to have seen ’em all, here comes the new geniuses!

  5. Bro1
    October 1, 2016

    4G not always advantage. For example, to the child or the old man it is definitely not necessary. This function only spends a battery power if not to disconnect.

  6. Zahar
    October 15, 2016

    Uhans A101 – the excellent smartphone. It is very important for me that it works on a network 4G.

    • salik
      October 17, 2016

      He agrees. What Uhans A101 supports 4G very strongly distinguishes it from competitors.

      • Zahar
        October 30, 2016

        Uhans A101 is very good and high-quality smartphone. I use it several days. It is very happy.

      • Zahar
        October 30, 2016

        4G very important point in Uhans A101, is a pity that the new A101S model doesn’t support 4G.