“Mysterious” Uhans phone claims to be tougher than Nokia 3310


UHANS’ newly launched A101 shows its toughness in a drop test against the legendary unbreakable Nokia 3310. Will the legend live on? Let’s check out the video.

In a video with some really investigative background music, the guys over at UHANS drop the Nokia 3310 and the UHANS A101 from the insane height of 50 feet (around 15 meters), something that doesn’t happen that often, but just in case..

The result is pretty surprising, the Nokia 3310 gets disassembled cause of the fall (we were used to that back then), but then when put back together it doesn’t actually boot up! In the meanwhile, the UHANS A101 appears in worse conditions with a totally destroyed display but manages to boot up fine and the touchscreen is still working, a real unexpected turn.

UHANS has been pushing the slogan “A Tribute to Nokia” for a while now and people were wondering what that meant. The video seems to be their answer to all those questions and it’s not a bad one.

The smartphone can already be found on flash sale for $49 here.

What are your thoughts, guys? If it survived a 50 feet drop then it should survive any realistic scenario, don’t you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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