Purported Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Pro screenshot has 8GB RAM and Android 7

xiaomi mi note pro 2

Xiaomi will launch 2 new phones in the coming week (well if you believe the rumours) with the larger device of the two rumoured to get a hell of a lot of RAM and the latest version of Android.

We’ve been hearing a lot about the new phones from Xiaomi, in fact you all probably know the specs off the top of your head by now, but if not….

Expected to launch on the 27th September are the Xiaomi Mi5s and a larger phone either called the Xiaomi Mi5s Plus or the Mi Note 2 Pro. The Mi5S is just what is sounds like and will be a faster version of the current Mi5 and get a new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.

The larger phone is expected to get those features too, but in addition could also receive a dual rear camera, curved display and (according to this purported screenshot) 8GB RAM and Android 7.0.

Also revealed in the scene shot is the internal memory and a 2.6Ghz Snapdragon 821 chipset too.

The leak comes from Weibo user @Kjuma who has been pretty accurate in the past when informing us about other leaked smartphones. There is only 6 days to wait and see if he is correct this time, do you think he is?

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