THL release a new device but it isn’t a smartphone

Chinese phone maker THL has been on a big of a holiday for the past 12 months but today they are back with an all new product.

Back at the start of the Chinese smartphone revolution, THL were one of the front runners and often a company to release the latest hardware. THL were once a fierce rival to Zopo, but as that giant crumbled so to did THL.

The last big phone release from the company was the THL 2016, a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner and well, that’s all I can remember about that phone. Soon after the launch of the handset THL just went silent.

That is until today. An email from the people now behind the company shows that THL are now in the wearable sector of the Chinese tech industry, and have just released their first fitness bracelet.

Called the THL P1 and costing just $29, the wearable comes with a rubber strap (like Xiaomi’s Mi Band) and a choice of black, gold or rose gold metal bezels. The P1 has a more ‘traditional’ watch look with a round display that features basic details like the time, exercise progress for the day, and notifications.

Bluetooth connects the to THL P1 to your smartphone to sync data. The P1 is on sale now, and the company have a new Facebook page too. Go take a look.

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