Two new Huion pen tablets presale offers


Let’s welcome a new kid on the block or rather a new brand featured on our website. Chinese manufacturer Huion is focusing mostly on the slightly niche market, the pen tablets for the people working in the graphics bussiness or the drawing enthusiasts. That said their products look pretty cutting edge to me, even though my drawing skills are abyssmal and such tech would be wasted on me 🙂

Huion will be soon releasing two new models so let’s introduce them one by one. The cheaper one is Huion INSPIROY G10T graphics tablet offering separated areas for pen and multitouch, wireless connectivity, USB Type-C port, 6 customizable Express keys and pen with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, 5080LPI touch resolution, aluminum alloy chassis and 2500 mAh battery lasting appromaximately 40 hours of run time. The Huion INSPIROY G10T carries a retail price of $139.99, but the presale offer has it’s listed with 20 % off so for $111.99. Tablet will be officially released on October 26th.


The other one is a different price cathegory, Huion KAMVAS GT-156HD is a Pen and Touch display valued quite high with retail price of $699. For such price is can offer the full featured drawing experience with FullHD 15,6-inch screen, anti-glare AG glass, frosting surface, three-in-one (HDMI, Power, USB) cable, 14 Express keys, touch bar, adjustable multi-angle holder. pen with 2048 pressure sensitivity levels and more. The presale price is discounted by 15 %, so just $594.14 here and again the official release is on October 26th.


It’s always a pleasure to venture into an uncharted territory and the Huion tablets are looking great, so we will be keeping an eye on them surely for the future too.

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