Noise cancelling tech inside ELE Whisper explained

ELE Whisper

The new interesting in-ear headphones ELE Whisper are already available in the presale for a week and the numbers are looking quite good, at least according to the company and their first feedback. But apparently users are pretty curious about the noise cancelling tech so Elephone decied to shed some more light upon it.

The noise reduction is mainly dependant on the motherboard and the chip. The built-in military grade CASC863 chip circuit gets the environmental noise signal from a special highly sensitive microphone and through variety of algorithms it produces and delivers the reverse acoustic signal to block and countervail the noise.


With the exclusive CASC I.A.N.C intelligent noise reduction tech the headphones can eliminate the environmental noise substantially and with an extra layer of hearing protection it makes sure the user experience is as good as possible.


You don’t have to own an Elephone smartphone or actually even a smartphone at all, all you have to do is flip the noise-cancelling switch and just enjoy the audio experience. You can find more information about the ELE Whisper here or eventually here.

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