Vernee Mars could be the thinnest 5,5-inch phone available

Few years ago, when Samsung started the trend with bigger screen phones than before nobody could expect how much the situation will change. Nowadays the 5,5-inch phones are the most prevalent ones and the manufacturers are even trying to push the larger 6-inch phones and more.


Big screens are way better for the users looking for the multimedia experience and can provide even some usable work environment. But of course there are quite some negatives too, big phones lost all the compact and easy-to-carry traits and full one-handed control is also a thing of the past. So it’s not a surprise that the users are constantly demanding best of both worlds, phones being powerful, but light and thin.




Vernee are certainly trying to deliver a device falling into each of such cathegories and the new Vernee Mars could be just that. The phone has a 5,5-inch display, but it’s still pretty thin and compact with 151,6 x 73 x 7,6 mm dimensions. So theoretically it could be among the thinnest models with the 5,5-inch screen. Check out the following table, which is trying to illustrate that notion and eventually watch the Vernee Mars presentation video too.


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