UMI Plus battery tests shows some good endurance

UMI Plus as the latest UMI device is getting quite some attention and promo pushing, so we already know more or less everything about that. It’s a relatively affordable device with even higher aspirations and today we can finally bring some new information, first numbers from the internal battery tests.

All the tests happened with 60 % screen brigtness, except for the call time test obvious, which is with screen off. And in the call time test with 3G network on and screen off the phone managed to last for quite respectable 32hours and 45 minutes so won’t hold you back in your long lasting calls.


As for the internet browsing endurance the phone with Wi-Fi on and the adjusted brightness managed to surf the Internet for roughly 8 hours. Loop of video playback lasted for 7hours and 20 minutes so more than enough to see two or even three full movies.

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And the gaming? Well gamers can rejoice because with adjusted brightness and testing various games UMI Plus managed to survive for 6 hours and 39 minutes, which is an excellent result.


As you can see battery endurance of the UMI Plus looks quite good on paper, but still keep in mind these are internal factory tests so the reality could still be a bit different. But nonetheless battery looks good and the fast charge support is just an icing on a cake.

UMI Plus just entered the last week of the presales so the discounted price of $179.99 will soon be bumped up to the retail one. But maybe you can first try winning one for free in here, right?

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  1. Zdeněk Anděl
    September 27, 2016

    Another day…another UIMI ad xD
    I would like to know what shitty games they played on that shitty GPU…

    • R.I.P
      September 27, 2016

      How bad is GPU?

      • Karly Johnston
        September 28, 2016

        It’s pretty good at 720p, not so much at 1080.

      • Zdeněk Anděl
        September 28, 2016

        I have T-880MP4 in LeEco Le 2 (x620) and I can tell it is bad. This one will not be any better so I can say they had to play some low graphics games in test…

  2. ouhou
    September 28, 2016

    leeco is proposing already the x820 with snapdragon s820 with 4g Band 20 (800mhz) with a really nice a camera for 200€. At this price tag also (179$) we can get the Redmi Note 3 Pro which is really better in quality than Umi Phones. When Meizu and Xiaomi will begin to propose the 4G Band20 on their phone ( and Leeco is already doing it), there will be no point at all to buy all those “cheap brands” (bluboo, Umi, Elephone).

    I think Those brand became uninteresting and those brands with a deficit of quality will all slowly disappear…