UMI Plus sold 64 thousand pieces in the presale period

UMI are reporting that their “budget flagship” model UMI Plus is selling pretty good in the presales with 64 thousand pieces already pre-ordered. That’s maybe not looking that impressive compared to millions gargantuans like Apple or Samsung are throwing around, but still a success for the small chinese brand.

First orders of the UMI Plus are being shipped starting today so September 30th and all of them should be done in matter of days. Today is also the last day you are eligible to get the $70 discount and get the UMI Plus for just $179.99, tomorrow the price rises to the retail level so $249.99.

If you would be interested in the model then just out this link and be quick with the order to make sure you can make it in time. And if you are still unfamiliar with the UMI Plus model you can also check out this official unboxing video.

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