Elephone S7 and R9 will feature some flashing black cover

Based on the leaked pictures of the upcoming Elephone models it seems like the S7 and R9 are getting a flashy flashing black cover, which should add some fancy looks. We shall see how fleshed out those will be 😛

After all rumours about Elephone S7 getting the flashing cover are floating around for quite some time already, but all of them so far mentioned only the green and blue variants. Adding black to the mix is not a bad idea at all.


The back cover is made with the IMF technology so it has a unique design look and with different angles of light the reflections can be of all the rainbow colors. Elephone is trying to compare that roughly to an aurora effect.

But for the Elephone R9 news about such desing are a novelty, but the pictures look really good so it can boost up the model desirability. Both models were supposed to be out by the end of Septermber but looking at the calendar it’s pretty unlikely so we have to wait for the release dates and pricing. You can find more information in the meantime for example here or here.

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