Colawe release intro video with more video promised

colawe rio amoled

Colawe have just published a video introduction to their new Colawe W550 smartphone on their Facebook page with more video promised soon.

Colawe are quite an interesting brand in that they appear to be looking taking their time to launch a finished product rather than making a whole host of false claims and releasing BS specs.

That said though, they do seem to have slowed their marketing down a little in past weeks, but if their latest Facebook post is accurate then we are likely to see more details and video of their first phone soon.

Colawe’s first video is a simple introduction to the phone, not all that exciting, but it is worth noting that they have gone to the trouble of actually writing in English rather than Chinglish.

The Facebook post promises that they will release more video over the coming week with the W550 Rio compared to devices from Samsung and OnePlus! Again, this is an interesting point as they obviously see their brand and products as higher quality and are purposely not comparing themselves to UMi, Elephone and others.

So far we know that the Colawe Rio W550 will be released to the European market at a price of $129.99. The phone will feature a CNC alloy chassis, AMOLED display, fingerprint scanner and 3000mAh battery.

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