ELE Whisper headphones are not just about ANR

New Elephone headphones ELE Whisper with the active noise cancelling technology (ANR) are the talk in the town right now and the chinese manufacturer is going full promotion mode with those. That’s why they are continuously releasing small tidbits of interesting information about it.

We already know that the headphones are created in cooperation with the China Aerospace engineers and Elephone R&D team. The metal coat of the headphones is not just for the appearance, but it can avoid the receiver’s unnecessary vibration and help the accurate sound transmission for clear low-pitched and high-pitched sound. For easy controls it also features one button on-cord and ultra flexible flat cable.083108

Furthermore, each pair comes with three sizes soft earbud tips for all the possible ear shapes and sizes of the users. Made from soft and environmental-friendly silicone,the light-weight and oval-shaped tips should be feeling quite alright for your audio experience.

083105ELE Whisper are currently price at $99.99 on Elephone, igogo, geekbuying and some other sale platforms so if you would feel the urge to buy search there. Or you can first check out all the detailed info here or here.

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