Huawei reported to have turned down Pixel production


Tomorrow Google will launch the Pixel phone, and while we don’t know who has made it yet it seems increasingly likely it wasn’t Huawei.

According to media sites, Huawei were in line to build new Nexus phones for Google before the company switched to the Pixel name and apparently wanted no other branding on the phone bar the phones name. Huawei apparently couldn’t agree to this so pulled out leaving another manufacturer (possibly HTC) to take over production.

Google will officially release the Pixel tomorrow in both a regular size and larger ‘XL’ sizing.

The two phones will reportedly run a Snapdragon 821 chipset and up to 5GB RAM. The smaller 5-inch phone is believed to have a 1920 x 1080 display while the XL is said to have a larger 5.5-inch 2K panel.

In the looks department the Pixel is very similar to the iPhone in design with an interesting half matte half polished rear. The rear is also where a finger print scanner will be located.

While most of this sounds quite standard for a flagship smartphone these days the Google Pixel has been leaked to get OIS and a new Personal Assistant feature which could be a closer rival to Apple’s Siri.

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