Elephone are working on a new phone with curved display and ceramic back cover

Surprise surprise, Elephone are already working on yet another model even before the latest batch is released. Everything about the new model is shrouded in mystery, but the hushed rumors are hinting at a curved display and the ceramic back cover of this new phone.

Ceramic material has an advantage with being corrosion resistant and also pretty much negates the antenna problem present with the metallic covers. Also it’s smooth and more pleasant to touch and hold than the glass one and it offers a smooth curve too. And the curved display results in the reflected images on the edge of the curved display disappearing smoothly without anamorphosis.


We have for you some pictures hinting at the alleged looks and design of the new Elephone model, but for now that’s about it, not a word about the hardware yet. So is it worth being hyped about this new phone ? You can find more information for example here or here.

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