UMI Plus Home button scanner offers more functions

Fingerprint scanners integrated into the Home button of the phone are nothing new and many phone manufacturers are going exactly for this solution. Quite often it’s for aesthetic reasons, but sometimes it’s also practical with the button functioning not just as a fingerprint scanner, but can offer some extra functions.


And that’s exactly the case with the new UMI Plus, because the Home serves dual purpose, first as a scanner and secondary as a normal physical button, so long press will bring the app list while short press returns you to the main home screen.


Concerning the fingerprint scanner itself it should be one of the fastest in the market capable of unlocking the phone in just 0.1s. And you don’t have to afraid about the security either, because UMI apparently integrated some encryption chip so your data are safe.


You can also check the following official UMI video, where is the fingeprint scanner in the UMI Plus compared against some other models. And if you are of a competitive nature, then maybe you can try to win one UMI Plus for free, because there is currently second round of a giveaway competition underway at the UMI website.

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