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Elephone S7

Chinese Spring Festival means endless celebrations and festivities and also the phone producers on vacation and hiatus. So we are stuck with somehow less exciting …

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Elephone S7 functions

Elephone show us all the possible functions available on the E-touch home button. Did you already know about all of them?

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As we informed before the presales for the newest Elephone models S7 and R9 started on their official website just yesterday and apparently in just …

Fingerprint scanners integrated into the Home button of the phone are nothing new and many phone manufacturers are going exactly for this solution. Quite often …

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We go hands on with the GooPhone i5C, a $120 Android powered iPhone 5C clone from China.

The OrientPhone N8 is a budget conscious quad-core, 8-inch tablet with built-in 3G and support of voice calls.

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GooPad have somehow secured a supply chain for the 8-core Samsung Exynos Octa 5410 processor to build their own GooPad N8, Galaxy Tab 3 alternative.

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Lots of great news from JiaYu today including the launch plans for the JiaYu S1, JiaYu G5 and this entry-level mystery machine.

Ctechcn have managed to scoop more details about the iPhone 5S and it’s new fingerprint scanner feature.

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One of the most iconic parts of any iOS device is the physical home button, but for the iPhone 5S we might be in for a redesign.

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September 2nd is the date Meizu will unveil the flagship MX3, but tipsters aren’t prepared to wait and are continuing to leak early photos.

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Sino CES has attracted companies from all over China, and it didn’t take us long to come across a couple of Android powered iPad mini clones.

Meizu’s next generation phone display has also been spied today, ironically caught on film by a Xiaomi Mi2s camera.

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Sometime ago we reported on the FAEA F1 Penguin, a quad-core smartphone which features a similar design to the Meizu MX2. FAEA have announced that …

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The FAEA F1 is one of the first great looking NFC equipped phones from a Chinese phone maker! Shame it also happens to be a Meizu MX2 clone!

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Spy photos of Zopo’s ZP810 quad-core Android phone appear on Facebook complete with Antutu benchmarks! After months of speculation and a few disappointing phone launches, …

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The GooPhone i5 has been one of the most highly anticipated Chinese phone launches in the past few months. We’ll it has taken longer than hoped, but the i5 is finally on sale! Keep reading for a in-depth review.

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The 5-inch 1080 Nubia Z5 phone from Chinese phone giant ZTE, is one of the first in the new breed of flagship phone, but what …

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The Grefu P97 runs Windows 8 with an Intel Atom N455 processor clocked at 1.66GHz, but unlike a lot of Chinese tablets you can also …

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