Google’s Project Tango Lenovo PHAB2 Pro coming in November

While most media have attention has been taken up by the Google Pixel phones, there is another Google poweredĀ device set to hit stores soon.

While the Pixel’s are flagship iPhone competitorsĀ with all the usual top of the range features, there are still a few tricks that Google have left for the new Project Tango phone from Lenovo to keep.

Project Tango was first announcedĀ back in 2014, and is designed to allow compatible devices to map the world around them in 3D. So far Google has only worked with Lenovo to bring a device to market with the first phone, the PhabĀ 2 Pro, set for release next month.

The device is 6.4-inch smartphone with Google’s Tango depth-sensing 3D camera system which should be useful for augmented reality games, 3D mapping and possibly interior designing.

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Oddly the Tango phone won;t be Day Dream compatible as it doesn’t featureĀ an AMOLED display, so users who want to experience VR might still be betterĀ off with the Google Pixel instead.

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  1. Curt
    October 7, 2016

    What are the characteristics of Daydream compatible?

    • Lazar Prodanovic
      October 7, 2016

      2K displays with very high contrast rate (that’s why they are tipping Amoled) it should also have a very high refresh rate but minimum spec is not yet specified (we could consider this as the serious problem) & a capable GPU to a company it (Adreno 820 is used ad a development reference, as a start & bare minimum & only one available so far).

  2. The Calm Critic
    October 7, 2016

    Or maybe Lenovo would rather postpone it to December instead and try to work that end of the year ambient magic in, when people would cool off a bit. The current Pixel backlash is at a level I haven’t seen for quite some time now.

  3. Rob
    October 7, 2016

    Was looking at getting this phone, waited all summer and then they delayed it 2 months. Who knows it could get pushed back even further by november, again without an explanation as to why.

  4. NextHype
    October 7, 2016

    Only Google employees can be better off with a Google Pixel.