5 Xiaomi Products That Cost Less Than $50

With currencies fluctuating and the holiday period on the way its good to know that we can still buy some amazing tech even on a super tight budget, but it’s even better when that tech comes from one of China’s biggest and best-known brands.

If you have $50 or less to spend but won’t some decent Xiaomi tech, this is the post you really need to read, save and bookmark!


Xiaomi Mi WIFI Amplifier – $7.15

Oh, come on! How can you not buy one of these or even 2? If you find that your current WIFI router doesn’t quite have the juice to give you wireless connectivity to all of your home, apartment, business, office (delete where applicable) then this super smart dongle is THE item you need!

Xiaomi WIFI Amplifier


Xiaomi Mi WIFI Router – $28.99

Ok, perhaps we jumped the gun a little with that first post! Before you might need an amplifier you are going to need a router. The Xiaomi Mi WIFI Router is a super slim quad antenna device that takes up very little space on your desk. Best of all at this price you can by the router and an amplifier and still have money left over for one of these.

Xiaomi Router


Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker – $13.39

When we send $50 we’re guessing you thought of a bunch of products that would cost $49.99, not a handful of tech that you can go home with for $50 and still have money left over. Anyway, the Mi Bluetooth speak does exactly what it says on the tin I.E streams music and allow you to have hands-free phone calls, and it won’t break the bank.

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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse 1s Review

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S – $13.51

Yup, a list of low-cost Xiaomi tech wouldn’t be a proper list without mentioning the Xiaomi Mi Band. The Mi Band, if you don’t already know, is a very simple wearable that will monitor your sleep and exercise while updating the Xiaomi app on your phone (Android or IOS).

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S


Xiaomi Mi Smart Temperature Sensor – $7.68

Last but not least is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Temperature Sensor in fact, this handy piece of wall mounted tech will also monitor humidity too! Leave this in your home connect to your phone and monitor the environment.

Xiaomi Temperature Sensor

If you liked those 5 Xiaomi product for under $50, then just watch out for our next list coming very soon.

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