Watch: UMi Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus – Price / Performance comparison

UMi Plus

As everybody knows both Apple and UMi revealed their handsets at around the same time in September, we also know there’s a drastic difference in price as the iPhone 7 Plus is made by Apple and their products are never cheap. But is there really that huge difference in performance? UMi is sharing a video showing that they don’t think so, let’s check it out.

In the video they display some real life scenarios instead of benchmarks. At From the video we see how the difference in price doesn’t actually translate into a real performance boost. The iPhone 7 Plus sells for more than $1100 while the UMi Plus is at the $200 mark.

UMi Plus

Looking at how it opens different apps (gallery, maps and browser), the hardware and system optimization don’t look too bad, probably due to the good quality components as CPU, RAM and type of internal memory. Where the UMi Plus lags a bit behind is in camera speed and games loading, but that’s to expect as the iPhone 7 Plus packs the beastly Apple A10 Fusion processor which has no rivals.

Overall it’s a pretty good result for a phone that costs as much as 5/6 times less and considering that the iPhone 7 Plus runs the home-baked iOS, an highly optimized operative system for Apple devices.

UMi Plus

If we take into consideration the hardware, both smartphone sport a 5.5-inch Full HD display and that’s about it as far as similarities. The iPhone 7 Plus packs 3GB of RAM, vs 4GB on the UMi Plus, a A10 Fusion CPU vs MediaTek Helio P10, 2900mAh battery vs 4000mAh.

The iPhone 7 Plus is a bit taller and thinner but they weight around the same, there are 32GB of internal storage on both, expandable on the UMi Plus, which is also Dual-SIM.

Probably the biggest difference is in the camera department, while on the paper they feature similar camera resolutions, 12MP on the iPhone 7 Plus and 13MP on the UMi Plus, the former just takes much better photos.

This last factor makes us wonder, is it worth spending around $800 more on an iPhone 7 Plus when you could get a good DSLR with that amount of cash?

UMi Plus

I guess it’s a personal choice, if you favor portability and ease of use then you opt for one. If you’re a bit more adventurous and want to experiment more, sacrificing a bit of performance and portability, then the UMi Plus doesn’t look like too bad of a choice.

If you’re interested in buying the UMi Plus you can get it from any of the links below:

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