Why is the new UMI device named Diamond?

We have seen the new UMI model presented yesterday and many customers expressed their concern about the naming of the phone. So UMI want to explain their train of thought.

Of course the first what comes to mind is the legendary hardness associated with diamond or the shiny glittery qualities. Eventually the famous Marilyn Monroe quote about diamond being the best girl’s friend. Well the correct answer is the combination of all the previous.


Display of the UMI Diamond is covered by the TX-1 protective glass, which should be acting as a safeguard against all scratches and should even survive the fall from 1,2m unharmed. So here we go with the diamond-like resistance.


The display itself is also pretty crisp and and bright so we have also the shiny diamond effect quality too. And the Marilyn Monroe quote? Well colors are elegant and design is fancy and stylish so that could be probably attributes to that.

But if you compare the price of UMI Diamond with the price of the real diamond we are finally finding some major differences. Presale price for the UMI Diamond is set at $99.99 and after it ends it will rise to the retail $119.99 level. You can find more information about the UMI Diamond here or you can just check the following video.

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