Bluboo Picasso 4G or Bluboo Mini for under $10 ?


The annual Global Sources Fair in HongKong ended successfully just a while ago and Bluboo managed to showcase some interesting upcoming models, especially the Edge and Dual models.

But even the cheaper new options are not looking half bad and both Bluboo Picasso 4G and Bluboo Mini could be quite a bargain. Even more if you can score some of the crazy snap-up deals, which can land you such phone for under $10. Sounds interesting ? Read on then !


The D-day for the snap-up event is October 25th 17:00 GMT+8 and if you get lucky you can really buy the Picasso 4G for $9.99 or the Mini for $6.99. But even for the less lucky presale customers the prices are still slashed significantly so up until November 7th you can order the Picasso 4G for $79.99 and Mini for $49.99. There will be also Aliexpress promotion event with the presale prices lowered by additional 10 dollars. You can find more info about the promo here.

And to give a taste for the things to come here is a little gallery featuring the upcoming Bluboo Edge and Bluboo Dual models. Let us know what you think about those in the comments below.

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