How’s the Uhans H5000 camera output quality ?

A good camera is without a question one of the most important decisive factors for the potential customers and people are quite aware these days that for the best results you need to have both hardware and software in sync. And Uhans are trying to promise that with the camera in the Uhans H5000 model.


Uhans H5000 is equipped with an 8 Mpix Sony IMX219 sensor for its rear camera and frankly on paper that’s nothing that special or good. But allegedly Uhans engineers managed to adjust it majorly, increasing greatly the auto-focus speed and fixing the colors in comparison to the poor output of the previous Uhans S1 model.

So let the sample photos speak for themselves, the following pics should be some real, unaltered ones coming directly from Uhans H5000’s camera. So what do you think ?

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