Vivo X9 to get dual front camera

We’ve seen a handful of smartphones with dual rear cameras but what about a dual front camera phone?

Vivo ave long been a brand that likes to push the boat out, devices like the Vivo Xplay 3S and Xplay 5 really did show the smartphone world what Vivo was all about, and that’s without mentioning the amazing Vivo Xshot!

With the year coming to a close soon Vivo are working on getting a few new smartphones out in time for the holiday shopping period, and are already leaking specs for the upcoming models.

The new phones will be the Vivo X9 and X9 Plus models, and once again they are likely to be attractive devices with the look of an iPhone and front fingerprint scanner.

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We’ve seen this formula before with other Vivo smartphones but the Vivo X9 and X9 Plus will have a special dual camera feature on the face of the device. As far as we can remember these will be the first Android phones go launch with a dual front camera set up!


Vivo X9 and X9 Plus specs are thought to include Snapdragon 653 chipsets, between 4-6GB RAM, and screens ranging from 5.5-inch to 6-inch. as for the cameras they are all believed to be 20 mega-pixel sensors!

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  1. cyril symbio
    November 1, 2016

    selfie sickness… selfsickness… welcome to the me me me me me generation. Before they were annoying everybody taking pictures of every single thing, now they have another commercial argument justifying their navel gazing, narcissism… Bravo Vivo. Viva Vivo

  2. NextHype
    November 2, 2016

    “As far as we can remember these will be the first Android phones go launch with a dual front camera set up!”

    LG V10 has dual front cam and was out december 2015, before the “dual cam” marketing madness. Its dual cam is made of a “normal” sensor and a “wide lens” sensor to capture more people or more scenery on a selfie. And that’s pretty useful.