Video of Uhans H5000 surviving some drop tests

Uhans H5000 is quite the working class type of the phone, nothing flashy but a decent and budget friendly performer. With about $80 price tag you can’t expect any cutting edge hardware, but for ordinary daily tasks it can be a good value companion and surprisingly even a quite tough buddy.


For customers seeking exactly those qualities Uhans shot a video showing the H5000 surviving quite some drop tests being dropped from pocket and hand-hold height with some various landings on the display or the edges. Granted, the phone was covered by the protective case making the survival a bit less impressive, but that’s exactly what they aimed for, show the real life performance and sturdiness. See for yourself in the following video.

Uhans are also planning to boost sales during the Singles Day on November 11th with some special activities, so look out for some chances to win Champions League tickets here or extra wristband for just $15 here. Both links will be probably fully active directly before the November 11th date.

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