Leagoo brings the T1 Plus to Malaysia

Leagoo Malaysia has brought their latest device, the new T1 Plus smartphone, into Malaysia. Designwise, it’s pretty much the same phone, but take a look at the specs and some of the differences start to appear.

First of all, the T1 Plus comes with a larger 5.5-inch IPS display as opposed to T1’s 5-inch IPS display. The display is also still just a HD (1280 x 720) displays, despite the increase in size. On top of that, the rear and front cameras on T1 Plus are equipped with 13-megapixels sensors from Sony.


Aside from that, the T1 Plus has more RAM at 3GB of RAM, though the processor and internal storage are still the same. The device’s features are also very similar, though the T1 Plus has a slightly larger battery with a 2600mAh unit.

For Malaysians, the device is currently on sale for RM699, which seems a tad high considering the Redmi Note 3 is about the same price. Still, if you’re looking for a device made for selfies, this might appeal to you.

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