Meizu Pro 7 gets leaked, shows the return of the halo button

The Meizu Pro 7 has been slowly having more and more of it’s information released in these past few weeks. First, we heard that it would be running Huawei’s Kirin 960 instead of a MediaTek chipset. Now, some brand new leaks have surfaced, showing off its design.

The first thing we noticed was the lack of the a physical fingerprint sensor on the front, replaced with the all too familiar halo home button. In fact, there’s no visible fingerprint sensor at all. This has led to people speculating that Meizu will have an ultrasonic sensor behind the glass.

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Aside from that, the device also doesn’t have a dual camera, which was a rumored feature for quite a while. What it does have however is a ring flash, which should provide even lighting when taking picutres.

The last to come out of these leaks is the device’s screen, which appears to be curved like the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Galaxy S7 Edge, effectively removing the device’s bezels. We’re not sure whether Meizu has any sort of functionality for those curves, but its still nice to see.




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  1. Jh1
    November 23, 2016

    If this truly packs the Kirin 960, and a competitive camera, it would go a long way towards getting Meizu back in track. I have nothing against mediatek, but the helio, x20/25, while a good SoC, isn’t a competitive choice for a true flagship phone. Would be nice to see Meizu finally stop floundering and show some progress.

    • November 24, 2016

      I second that, a Kirin 955(still better than X20/X25) would even redeem them in my books, but an above average camera is a definite must!
      Flyme actually has improved a lot in efficiency, and with Flyme 6 about to release, who knows maybe Meizu will be truly back with a bang 🙂

      • Jh1
        November 24, 2016

        I would like to see that. My m2 note has treated me well, and I like Flyme 5 (I did have better battery life back on Flyme 4 though). I have a Redmi 4 prime in transit, so I likely won’t be purchasing a new phone for a bit, but I would be nice to see Meizu offering something competitive when I do. Unfortunately none of their current offerings can compete with xiaomi, le eco or zuk, in my opinion. Hopefully they can remedy this.

        • Luciano
          November 24, 2016

          Hi Jh1, hope you are well. Congratulations, you have ordered the Redmi 4 Prime. I am also interested to buy the Redmi 4 Prime on Ibuygou website by using a coupon. I will get it at the price seen on ali-express (~152€ excluding shipping costs), After seeing a review made by techtablets, I am a bit hesitating because of the sound quality of the speaker. I guess that this issue will be fixed with software updates. I mean that the software is not optimized yet and in coming weeks camera will get better too. Moreover it is a 150€ device, it is not possible to have everything in that price range. There are other options out there and I would love to get the MI5s in matt/grey color but I don’t see myself spending 350€ for a phone. I mean that these phones are fragile, after a small crash bye bye 350€…

          • Jh1
            November 25, 2016

            Hi Luciano. Yes, my redmi 4 prime shipped a few days ago, so I should have my hands on it shortly. That techtablets review wasn’t very positive, but battery life was phenomenal, and build quality was good. Like you, I expect the camera quality and UI stutter to resolve after a few software updates. At least I hope so. Hope you are able to pick one up for a good price.

            • Luciano
              November 25, 2016

              Hi, yeah I am planning to order the Redmi 4 Prime on Ibuygou website. I have an Aliexp account but I don’t want to share credit card number and sensible personal data. Moreover, I need the phone quickly so I am ready to pay for DHL. With Aliexp it is you and your luck it could be fast (14 days) or longer (>20 days). Like I said I have a coupon which lower the price on Ibuygou. I was hesitating because of the review of TechTablets but like I said above, it is a 150€ device so you can’t expect to have a perfect device in all departments. Manufacturers have to cut the costs somewhere. I did a bit research on the web to get sentiment of Redmi 4 Prime owners and a few of them stated that they haven’t noticed the same problem with the speaker and the 3.5mm jack sound. The battery life is phenomenal and with regular software updates it will get better and better. Have a nice day! Peace

            • Jh1
              November 26, 2016

              Not sure if you’ve ordered the redmi 4 prime yet, but geekbuying has the Mi5 for $215 at the moment. It’s definitely tempting at that price.

  2. realjjj
    November 24, 2016

    100 fake facts in a single article,must be a record.

    • Airyl
      November 25, 2016

      But there’s not even 100. That makes your comment a fake fact.