OnePlus confirm OnePlus 3T India launch

oneplus 3t soft gold

It was learnt a couple of days back that OnePlus had plans to launch the new OnePlus 3T in India when the country GM teased the phone on Twitter.

Following that, a forum post from OnePlus confirmed that the phone was indeed on the way to the Indian market. In typical OnePlus manner, there’s still no launch date; in fact, OnePlus are asking fans to vote in a poll to decide the manner of revealing the launch date.

Quoting the forum post from Vikas Agarwal: “Getting the OnePlus 3T to India has been a top priority for us, and we are delighted to announce that we are all set to release the OnePlus 3T in India shortly! The next big question on everyone’s mind would be the announcement of the launch date.”

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Given the sudden influx (and availability) of Snapdragon 821 phones, OnePlus wouldn’t want to be too late in getting the 3T in India if they really want to get a head start.

oneplus 3t soft gold

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