Bluboo Edge is equipped with a heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitors are fairly common function for most of the wearable gadgets, but have it directly built-in inside a smartphone it’s still a very rare sight. And the new Bluboo Edge has exactly just that with the heart rate sensor located on the rear just next to the LED flash.


And Bluboo also released a video showing how the sensor functions, so you can check it out. All you have to do is put your finger lightly on the sensor and in ten to fifteen seconds you should get the result shown on the display. It can be quite handy feature for many people, but it’s still uncertain how accurate such sensor can be. But anyway take a look at the video find out more about it or visit this page for info about Bluboo Edge in general.

And Bluboo has another ace in their sleeve with Bluboo Dual which is currently offered with a special presale price o $114.99 until December 18th. You can find all the details about the offer in here.


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