Uhans H5000 beats iPhone 7 in a battery life battle

What’s the standard battery capacity these days ? I would say that the average would be circling roughly about 3000 mAh, but of course the bigger the better. And with a massive 4500 mAh battery you can surely expect guaranteed battery life exceeding the usual one day no matter the hardware inside.

And the exact 4500 mAh battery capacity can provide the new Uhans H5000 and to document the battery supreriority the company released a video comparing it to the battery of iPhone 7. Granted it’s totally different hardware and software, not to mention it packs just 1960 mAh battery, but still they think it’s somehow valid.

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Both phones are put through the same test in the same conditions, charged fully to 100 % and tested for 20 minutes of gaming and 20 minutes of browsing, music and video recording. So all in all absolutely non-conclusive test with the expected result, check it out below.

Uhans H5000 is currenly available in a presale offer for $109.99 for example in here and you can find out more about the phone in this link.

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  1. Louis Bonnet
    December 10, 2016

    Why you are leveled on someone? Uhans – the excellent company. I, without doubting, has ordered H5000, even without seeing real reviews from buyers. In our family there is U200. It is pleasant to the father. Abrupt smartphone cheap.

    • FitBro
      December 10, 2016

      It is a buttle between “the European with a name” and young “Chinese”. You didn’t understand?The Chinese young companies will be surpassed by old leaders. New Chinese smartphones meet requirements of modern users and do cheap.

    • Levente Nagy
      December 17, 2016

      I ordered on black Friday too. I wait when arrives on the European zone. on the youtube there are already a lot of video clips of buyers

  2. Czarl Ke
    December 26, 2016

    According to experts Uhans H5000 fully charged battery lasts for 7 days normal use smartphone; 43 days he can be in standby mode; over 87.5 hours one can lead on this smartphone. Active user almost two days may not be recharged! Even if it remains 1% charge and you can use a Smartphone for about an hour. When the tests on 1% battery it worked 52 minutes 21 seconds. Company UHANS have something to be proud of!