How to Unlock Extreme Battery Saver Mode on Your Android

Almost all phones these days have a Battery Saver mode to save power when you can’t charge your phone. This mode cuts down on things that use a lot of battery to make your phone last longer.

But some Android phones, like the Google Pixel 8, have an even stronger battery saving mode called Extreme Battery Saver. This mode does everything Battery Saver does, but it also puts most apps on hold and stops them from sending you notifications. The cool thing is that you can choose which apps you still want to get notifications from, so you don’t miss anything important. This can really stretch the life of your battery when it’s running low.

The only catch is that Extreme Battery Saver is a bit hidden. Most people just turn on Battery Saver from the Quick Settings Panel. Extreme Battery Saver takes a few more steps to enable, so you might not have noticed it before.

Steps to Guide you Enable Extreme Battery Saver Mode on Android Smartphone

Tap and hold Battery Saver in the Quick Settings panel:

  1. Swipe down twice on your screen to open the Quick Settings panel.
  2. Look for “Battery Saver” and tap and hold on it.Android Battery

If you don’t see “Battery Saver” in the Quick Settings panel, you can find it this way:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap on “Battery.”
  3. Then, tap on “Battery Saver.”

Once you’ve found Battery Saver, a tap and hold will reveal the Extreme Battery Saver option. You can even choose which apps you still want to get notifications from.

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Turning on and Setting Up Extreme Battery Saver

  • After tapping and holding “Battery Saver” (as described earlier), you’ll see two options: “Battery Saver” and “Extreme Battery Saver.”
  • Choose “Extreme Battery Saver.”
  • You might also see a regular “Battery Saver” toggle at the top of the screen. Make sure this toggle is turned on for Extreme Battery Saver to work. Android Battery
  • There’s a gear icon next to “Extreme Battery Saver.” Tap this icon to customize the settings. This lets you choose which apps you still want notifications from, even in Extreme Battery Saver mode.
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Choosing Apps That Can Still Work in Extreme Battery Saver

Extreme Battery Saver lets some important apps like Phone and Safety apps keep running. But you can pick other apps you really need too!

  • Look for a section called “Non-essential apps” or something similar. This will show you most of your apps.
  • You can sort these apps however you like to find the ones you need quickly.
  • See the plus sign next to an app? Tap that to allow it to work in Extreme Battery Saver mode, even when most apps are sleeping.
  • The apps you allow will move to an “Essential apps” section. If you change your mind later, you can tap the X next to an app in the “Essential apps” section to make it stop working in Extreme Battery Saver mode again.

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Tired of your phone dying at a crucial moment? Most Android phones have a hidden weapon: Extreme Battery Saver! It goes beyond regular Battery Saver, putting most apps to sleep and stopping notifications. Even better, you can choose which apps stay active. With a few taps, you can extend your battery life significantly!

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