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The Deakin University of Australia has created a battery research and development center in 2016, dedicated entirely to the advancement of energy storage technology. This …

Graphene batteries could land faster than expected in smartphones. The American firm Real Graphene announces that it is preparing to market the technology to smartphone …

The technology world is consistently evolving and there is always a swift breakthrough in any area of difficulty. Many users must have been waiting for …

Just days before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG is promoting the safety tests it conducts on batteries of the G6 like shock, pressure, penetration.

Low battery

When it comes to predicting the future of battery technology, your best bet is as good as ours. Here is a list of 4 futuristic battery technologies.

Exploded Galaxy Note 7

Researchers have created a battery with a built-in fire extinguisher. The feature could save you from blowing a hole in your pocket… quite literally.