You are damaging your mobile phone battery if you keep doing this

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Mobile phones have several areas with different levels of importance depending on the user. In my personal opinion, the mobile phone battery is the most important. It can be very frustrating when your mobile phone battery drains completely just within a few hours. While there are a few habits that damage a mobile phone battery, one is a complete battery killer. Today, the phrase “Don’t play with your phone while charging” appears on Weibo hot search list. A review by Chinese tech blogger, Huangjia reveals that playing with the phone while charging it hugely increases potential risk and battery damage. This is actually “common knowledge” but unfortunately, many people do not take heed.

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For starters, when you play and charge your mobile phone at the same time, it is very easy for the device to heat up. In addition, this will also slow down the charging speed of the phone. The result of this is that the device will take much longer to charge which kills the battery.

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Warning about mobile phone battery

Many top brands have warned that even though modern mobile phone batteries and chargers are relatively safe, using a phone excessively while it is charging will shorten the battery’s lifespan. The temperature of the mobile phone will also increase as it is being charged. Long-term continuous usage of a mobile phone will result in excessive heating of the device, a decreased user experience, and potential damage to the electronic components of the device.

Xiaomi Solid-State Battery

Hence, it is advised to set the phone away while it charges so that it can do so quietly. If you must use your phone, you can limit how much time you spend using it and prevent overuse. To ensure the safety of charging your mobile phone, you should also choose a brand charger from a known brand and refrain from using a cheap charger.

Also, it is worth noting that it is unsafe to make calls while the phone is charging. This is another “common knowledge” that people do not obey. Please save yourself and start obeying, it is dangerous.

When charging, the mobile phone’s voltage is higher than it is in the standby state. Also, other tasks are running which could result in a high temperature on the device. The result of this could be an explosion. Be careful, and stay safe.

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