Forget the Mi Mix, the Mi Mattress M3 is where it’s at

Folks, this is what you’ve all been waiting for. The pinnacle of innovation and creativity has brought upon us this brilliant thing. Praise be to Xiaomi and our savior Lei Jun, for they have blessed us with their 8H Latex Mattress M3.

Now before you start throwing your money at the screen, sit and listen to the specs of the device. The Mattress M3’s chassis is made of natural latex, making it cool and soft to the touch. The independent steel pocket springs represent a breakthrough innovation in mattress technology, providing structural strength and comfort.


Now looking at the design, the 8H Mattress M3 features a stunning layered design that reminds us of a drawer. But that’s not all, the M3 also features a jacket covering which is washable. Securing it is the YKK zipper, which provides maximum security and prevents the entry of bugs.

Also unlike many flagships these days, the Mattress M3 comes in THREE sizes for every user! The smallest measures in at 1.2m x 2m x 20cm and costs 1499 Yuan, or just about $200. There’s also the 1.55m x 2m x 20cm variant at 1599 Yuan ($213), and a 1.8m x 2m x 20cm starting at 1699 Yuan ($227). They may not be the most portable, but they’re definitely more durable and comfortable than the Mi Mix!


With this, I firmly believe every company should just throw up their arms and give up. Step aside Apple iPad Pro, the Mattress M3 is more affordable, durable and doesn’t need an internet connection to work. The M3 is currently on Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform, which I would have featured over the Insta360 Air had I known it existed.’

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So tell us, how do you feel about the M3 Mattress line? Have you gotten rid of your current devices yet? How many will you be purchasing? Tell us in the comments below.

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