MGCOOL outdoors products flash sale at GeekBuying

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now past but that doesn’t mean online flash sales are over. This week Geekbuying is discounting outdoor sport products, among which there are some MGCOOL items. Let’s have a look.


MGCOOL’s products included in the flash sale are their action camera lineup, MGCOOL Thunder power bank, MGCOOL Whisper earphones and MGCOOL Band 2. Which are obviously all products you use outside for the most part.

One of the most interesting deals is the MGCOOL 360 camera that now costs $109.99, dropping its price by almost 45%. The 360 camera allows to record 360 degree panoramic videos.

The MGCOOL 360 can record 360 degree videos with its dual lens setup, the two sensors can capture both the front view and the rear view and then stitch them together, thus creating a real time panoramic video.

As any action cam, it’s most suited for outdoor sports, events and whatnot, this way of recording videos should give it a new interesting perspective.

elecam 360 MGCOOL

Geekbuyin’g flash sale will last 10 days with discounts up to 90% on some products. If you’re interested in any of their offerings, check out their event page over here.

To know more about MGCOOL, follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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