Teardown galore: Mi Mix, Redmi 4A and Redmi 4!

We do enjoy the new Xiaomi phones, from the futuristic Mi Mix to the affordable and practical Redmi 4. That said, no one certainly minds taking a look inside these devices!

Our friends from over at Beryko.cz managed not only to secure the evasive Mi Mix, but also opened it up on tape along with a couple other Xiaomi phones — the Redmi 4 and the Redmi 4A! Let’s have a look at the videos below.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Teardown

Also known as the first bezel-less phone from Xiaomi, here’s how you’d want to (or not) take it apart.


Xiaomi Redmi 4 Teardown

The Redmi 4, in it’s birthday suit. Also read our review of the Redmi 4 Prime!


Xiaomi Redmi 4A Teardown


Quite an amazing visual, ain’t it? That said, we do not recommend opening up smartphones at home unless you exactly know what you’re doing (in other words, unless you know how to put it back…)

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