New lightweight 360-degree video s/w allows playing and encoding

EleCam 360 Player

As many of you may know MGCOOL have releasedĀ an action camera which produces 360-degree panoramic videos. Today, they have released their home developed softwareĀ called EleCam 360 Player which will allow you to playback 360-degrees videos on your PC, merge and convert them.

EleCam 360 Player

360 videos areĀ spreading more and more, veryĀ much so that even an NHS cancer operation has been live streamed in 360-degree virtual reality;Ā Intel buys a 360-degree sports video replay specialist to create “immersive sports” entertainment, such as NBA All-Star games. YouTubeĀ supportsĀ 360 videos and so does Facebook.

EleCam 360 Player

However, there are not that many video players that support 360 videos around. This is perhaps why MGCOOL created the EleCam360 Player.

MGCOOL’s software will be able to playback (duh!), convert and merge 360-degree videos in a very optimized algorithmĀ that will reduce the overall stress on your PC. Thus allowing to experiment some new way of showing content which hasn’t been used before.

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The EleCam360 Player will support 360 raw file playing, users can view 360 photos and videos by simply using mouse and keyboard to change the angle of view.

EleCam 360 Player

360Ā° content can be displayed in Side-by-Side, Little Planet, Fish Eye and Reverse mode. You can also merge multiple videos into a big interactive one.

The software will output in mov format, but you can then convert it to mp4 if you so prefer. There’s also a share button to directly share 360 videos on Facebook, Youtube and the Chinese social network Youku.

EleCam 360 Player

You can download the new EleCam 360 Player for free on MGCOOL’s website, it’s available both for Microsoft Windows and MacOS.

MGCOOL will soon release a video tutorial as well. To know more, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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