Cubot Wins “Premium Supplier” Award…

GearBest, one of the largest B2C E-commerce websites deals with hundreds of suppliers but they have chosen Cubot as their “Premium Supplier” of the year award. We’re not entirely sure how Cubot were nominated and why they won, but we do know that they went up against brands dealing in electronics, clothing, Home & Garden, bags, watches, jewellry, outdoor sports products, etc.

With the Chinese mobile industry being so competitive, Cubot have had to stay ahead of the competition by launching a huge number of products. As a matter of fact Cubot launched 16 new phones this year plus 2 smartbands!

The video below gives us a quick recap on the phones and products Cubot have released over 2016.

Don’t forget that the Cubot promotion is ongoing at Gearbest. See the full promotion here.

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