Xiaomi releases a $4 pair of in-ear headphones

Aside from smartphones, one of Xiaomi’s longest running line of gadgets is their headphone line. From the original Mi Piston earphones to their latest Mi In-Ear Pros, Xiaomi’s headphones have always received a fairly warm reception. And with the advent of their latest pair, it seems like this will only continue.

The latest of Xiaomi’s earphones are the Piston Fresh, a pair of cheerful earphones modelled after the Pro. The design of the new earphones are distinctly similar to the Pro, though this pair is much more colorful as it comes in blue, black, pink, purple and silver.

Xiaomi boasts that the Mi Piston Fresh features 3rd generation damping system and come with built-in microphone and a button for receiving calls, which aren’t revolutionary but still interesting features. There’s an impedance of 32 Ohms, standard frequency response range from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz and it weighs in at 14 grams.

Aside from that, we can’t help but notice similarities between this and Apple’s new Airpods. They’re both fashioned out of a similar material, both work better with their native OS (The Fresh only works on Android, while the Airpods work better with Apple stuff), and both are light and simple to carry.

The biggest difference between the two would be their pricing and connectivity. While the Airpods are fully wireless, the Pistons are completely wired. To compensate, the Piston Fresh is only $4, while the Airpods are slightly more expensive at $159. Not too big of a difference to matter, I suppose.

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