Meizu and Qualcomm make peace, sign a patent licensing agreement


Meizu and Qualcomm haven’t been on the best of terms this past year. This all started when Qualcomm claimed Meizu had used their patents illegally. This issue eventually grew, and had to be taken to court. Thankfully, both companies seem to have settled their issues and signed a patent licensing agreement.

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We suspected this may have happened yesterday while going through the Meizu 2017 roadmap. One of the devices, the unknown Meizu M, was labelled as having the Qualcomm 626 chipset. This could only mean that the feud was over, and that the companies now have a more professional relationship.


This marks the end of another one of Meizu’s big problems in the past. Things are slowly beginning to look up for the company, and it’ll be interesting to see how they progress in the future. Tell us what you think about this in the comments section below.

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  1. December 30, 2016

    This is good news for Meizu and customers. Meizu is too closely linked with Mediatek who can’t seem to make processors that compete with Samsung or Qualcomm. Until they can improve their processors, especially battery life, then Meizu should only use them in budget offerings.

    • Plumplum
      January 1, 2017

      Please read the link above from realjjj…
      You will understand how Qualcomm works…
      Refusing (or not according full) patents to chip makers.
      Then phone builders had to asks for additionnel patents…linked too buying Qualcomm chips.

      Qualcomm kill the sales of high end chip…
      When Mediatek try high end with mt6595 (Krait 400 from s801 is a joke compare to Cortex A17, and framerates outside the benchmarks are really close), sales were awfull despite the quality.
      That’s why Mediatek can’t do high end each year and must be cheaper than Qualcomm…X10 and x20 weren’t high end.
      In 2017, x30 is a new high end try!

      Don’t forget what Mediatek is able to do with 20nm compare to crappy s810 with the same TSMC process :✓&q=Mt6797x✓&q=HTC+10+evo

      “One more think”, Snapdragon are often benchmark complients…Making Awesome score but often not as good in Real use. For exemple kirin 950 runs better than snapdragon 820 (even on games like Real racing 3)

      In 14nm, in addition with UFS 2.0, “so called powerfull” Kryo cores even have problem to take a Real avantage on “energy efficient” Cortex A53 on 28nm with eMMC5.1 storage.
      45000pts on Antutu compared to 120000! And what are the results!!!! Funny!
      I’m waiting for same videos with 16nm Helio P20 and 6GB ram!!! With a close process, this mid-range will be probably faster in use than 820/821!

      Qualcomm is an overrated company that try to protect his business.
      Stop thinking Mediatek can’t do a better job than Qualcomm! They can if there are customers to buy (if patents allow them to buy?).
      Change your mind!
      Hope x30 will be a commercial success

  2. MattD
    December 30, 2016

    If we were to believe every “leak” image coming from weibo, we’d still be expecting the 4.6″ mi5, the meizu device with no bezels at all, htc m9 and m10 with decent design and specs, and a looong road of fanmade bullshit… This roadmap is just one of them, with something so plausible even a 5yo could see that coming, and something totally pulled out of their ass like a 2017 device with mt6753 and a device with a qualcomm chipset with no official word about a real agreement from both companies… I’m not falling for that yet…

  3. Wolvie
    December 30, 2016

    *sigh* Qualcomm is an asshole license troll but too bad their soc are much mature and better than other competitor like mediatek, huawei kirin or samsung exynos.

    I find it very hard to support mediatek since they are never/seldom disclose their source code, and support for their android so far sucks big time *sigh*. Not too mentioned substandard GPU, poor power management, etc etc

    I do wish mediatek can improve their soc and fight the domination of the arrogant bastard qualcomm. But until that day happen, i am sorry that i will not buy their product.

  4. Muhammad Yasir
    December 30, 2016

    lets hope the Qualcomm-donned Meizu phones are CHEAP AF

    • realjjj
      December 31, 2016

      You want to see how good this is for Meizu? Read this PDF from the Korean regulator

      Qualcomm has illegally leveraged their standard essential patents to create this monstrous machine that rips off everybody.
      Any phone anyone buys costs a few % more because of corrupted regulators that have allowed for this insane practice to go on for so many years.

      if you don’t know what FRAND is

      • Muhammad Yasir
        December 31, 2016

        hory shet !