MGCOOL feel their upcoming 4K action camera is comparable to GoPro’s range

mgcool explorer 2

MGCOOL haven’t been around for too long, but they certainly have some huge aspirations. GoPro is a company that’s been doing action camera since a really long time, so much so that the name ‘GoPro’ is often synonymous with ‘action camera’. MGCOOL, on the other hand, feel their upcoming 4K action camera can give the GoPro series a run for its money.

MGCOOL have a few action cameras to talk about — the Explorer, Explorer Pro and the Explorer Elite. What they’re really betting big on is the upcoming Explorer 2, which is all set to be announced sometime next year. MGCOOL are pitting it against the GoPro Hero5. Tall claims, indeed!

There’s no way to tell how good this camera is going to be, but what we can tell for certain is that the Explorer 2 will be more affordable than the Hero5. As for the video spec, the Explorer 2 is set to feature 4k30 recording.

You can learn more about the brand and the product via their website and Facebook page.

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