Lenovo’s not done, unveils the 500 Multimedia Controller

Fresh off the of heels of their Smart Assistant, Lenovo’s back with the new 500 Multimedia Controller! And while it’s still an odd looking thing, it’s seems much more useful than the Smart Assistant. The name could still use some work, but I digress.

The new gadget is a keyboard and trackpad, complete with Windows 10 gesture support built in. It’s interesting because the trackpad is the entire thing, which should theoretically work quite well. The device is designed for two thumb typing, so it’ll fit comfortably into you hand.

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Yes, finger it

The controller is weighs in at a nice 141g and has a range of 20 meters, making it suitable for presentations. We don’t have any specific dimensions, but based on pictures, it looks small enough to fit in your pocket for transport.

Lenovo claims that the 500’s battery should last for at least 8 months, which may mean it’s not rechargeable. The 500 Multimedia Controller is expected to go on sale in March for $54. It’s not optimal pricing, but I could see some people willing to shell out even more for it.

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  1. January 3, 2017

    Purdy sexy!

    I remember back in the day the Lenovo N590x being quite popular. Since, I’ve mainly used Mele remote keyboards (F10 (Pro)). The LoFree MT-200 was cool because it also was a touchpad, but wasn’t the best user experience to be honest. The Viboton S1 might’ve been the most similar thing I’ve tried, but the touchpad is mini. Might give this a try. Looks perfect for use with say a Remix Mini or XGIMI H1.