Blackview R6 Unboxing: Fullmetal Brick

I haven’t been around on Gizchina since the beginning, but I have been here for a long time. Long enough to know most of the companies we write about and their devices by heart. So when Yash asked me to review the Blackview R6, I was mildly curious. In all of my years, Blackview was the one company I never really thought about much.

I agreed to review the R6, and after a few weeks it’s finally arrived at my doorstep. Today, we’ll be unboxing the device and taking a brief look at it to give a basic overview of the device. So without further ado, let’s unbox Blackview’s R6!


Blackview R6: Unboxing

The Blackview R6’s packaging is incredibly simple, perhaps even too simple. It’s a flat white box without much going for it, though there are some nice touches. The front of the box features the Blackview logo, along with the model number in the bottom right corner. The sides and back feature the same logo.

On closer inspection, the front of the device does feature a very subtle design. It’s not easy to notice, but when the light hits the box just right, it appears. Aside from the logo, the back also features a few of the devices specs, as is the case with most boxes.

Opening the box reveals the R6 itself, lying on a black background with the model number in silver. It looks pretty nice and premium, which always wins some points with consumers. Once you remove the device, the black sheet can be opened to reveal some accessories and standard equipment.

So, what do you get in the box? There’s the typical charging adapter and microUSB cable, as well as a pair nice looking earphones. Beyond that, there’s also a small box containing the manual, a silicon case and an extra screen protector. Overall, it’s a pretty decent package and you’re getting a good amount of stuff.

Inspecting the accessories closer, it’s nice to see that the charging cable and case are of good quality. The charging cable features the Blackview logo and feels fairly sturdy, while the case is, well, a case. The manual is in the normal broken English, Spanish and Russian. Now, let’s move on the device itself, the Blackview R6.

Blackview R6: First Impressions

The first thing I came to realize while handling the R6 is that it’s an incredibly solid device. The rear of the thing is a simple plastic panel, but the metal chassis REALLY something else. It’s also quite heavy at 192g, which lends to the solidity but may become unbearable over time.

The Blackview R6’s build quality is astoundingly good. Unlike many other Chinese devices, the build here is almost flawless. The metal chassis takes center stage making the thing feel like a really tough brick. It almost feels like throwing this thing at a wall might break the wall.

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The display quality is also quite nice, though it’s a quite a bit cooler than it should be. I’ve been playing around with it for a while and it’s clear the white balance is off, though I’ll check the settings for a fix. Brightness settings on the other hand are good, with maximum brightness being very bright and minimum brightness the opposite.

Moving on, we get to the Blackview R6’s software. The device runs Android Marshmallow, but it’s running on a custom launcher called the UNI Launcher. The launcher feels fairly sluggish, but things are actually running pretty snappily after applying Nova’s launcher. There have been a lot of random stutters, so performance is something I’ll need to take a look at.

The camera on the R6 also appears to be quite decent, though I’ll reserve judgement for later. Pictures that come out are very bright and vibrant, though perhaps a bit TOO bright and vibrant for most. There’s unfortunately also some rather bothersome shutter lag, and it’s easily noticeable.

So far, the device has been serving me decently, though there are some issues with it. I’ll bring these into more detail in the full review, so stay tuned for that. For now however, I will say that this device has potential, but I’d like to see if Blackview can push an update to fix certain things about it.

And that’s about it for now. I’ll be coming up with the full review in a bit, so feel free to ask any questions down below. I’ll try my best to answer them in my full review, so ask as many as you need. Until then, have a great day.

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