YI unveils the new 4K+ action camera at CES

YI unveils the new 4K+ action camera at CES


Chinese camera maker Yi has risen to fame in these past few years. After the release of the original YI action camera a while back, the company’s continued to grow. Now, they’re one of GoPro’s prime competitors in the action camera market. And this looks like it’s only going to continue with the new YI 4K+, the latest YI action camera to hit the market.

The YI 4K+’s claim to fame is the ability to record 4K video at 60 fps. This is apparently a first in the camera market, which is pretty significant for the small company. More importantly, It’s also a clear step above rival GoPro’s Hero 5 Black, which can only do 4K at 30fps. This puts YI at a clear advantage, something they need in this uphill battle.

The footprint is about the same as the original 4K.

Aside from that, the YI is also the first camera to utilize the Ambarella H2 System-on-Chip processor. This should make for some sharp, detailed video (and huge file sizes), which furthers its advantage against GoPro.

Other features of the YI 4K+ include electronic image stabilization (EIS), live streaming capability and also virtual reality support. It’ll come with USB 3.0 and USB-C for connectivity, along with some other features that remain unannounced.

The pricing for the new YI 4K+ hasn’t been revealed, though it’s pretty clear it’ll be somewhere between $300-$350 seeing as the 4K is still $250. It’ll be interesting to see how the 4K+ matches up with the competition once it finally hits the market.

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  • mr201

    Just bought a Yi 4k. The video quality is superb, stabilisation have no jello effect like those cheap china 4k action camera and colour were properly saturated. Though audio seems lacking a bit to much, even without waterproof case compared to my Hero 4 which have worse video quality. I hope this one got better audio quality.